It’s not 78 anymore, but it will be soon enough

As everybody knew, the record breaking warmth would go in a hurry, leaving many people (and plants) tired of winter.  So, what do gardener’s do in winter?

Planning! While looking up some info about spacing for raised bed gardening, i came across an excellent site from Colorado State.  This series has most of what you’ll need to know in one easy to use place, including potential yields which is, as many a new gardener who’s found themselves with a million pounds of zucchini knows, incredibly valuable.  Be sure to check out #721, and adjust for your USDA zone (DC is zone 7b) for proper dates.

Gardeners also think of ways to get more out of less space. Here’s what my front yard used to look like from the second floor window.  This was from this January 24th.




This is from February 7th. I’ve been a busy bee!  This is the north side of the house, which actually gets the best sun since i have some trees in the back that block certain areas.  Each frame is about 10′ long by 4′ wide, and i’m using a loose lasagna gardening technique since the ground is frozen and i’m sick of digging up sod (which is what i did in the back yard beds)!  The short of it is using 6 layers of newspaper to kill the grass followed by as much organic matter you can fit into the frame.  The worms and microbes do the rest, even during the winter.

I’ll show you how i built the frames in the next post.  The suspense might be too much to bear!


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Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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2 Responses to It’s not 78 anymore, but it will be soon enough

  1. Kim says:

    This is the front of the house?! Did you have to do any neighbour clearance to do this out front? Or it doesn’t really matter because it’s only for the winter. Either way – it’s awesome – I love that you’re sprawling out!!! I’m totes coming back in the early fall to GORGE [Apple dictionary def’n: eat a large amount greedily] on the better-than-Ottawa weather and your fresh food!!!

    • Ryan says:

      i didn’t ask any of the neighbors, and didn’t need to since we’re not a home owner’s association kinda place. i’ve actually had the opportunity to meet some new people who stopped by to ask about the garden: all of those folks are curious how it will turn out! so am i…

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