I usually have a hard time being patient enough when it comes to planting things.  In gardens past, i’ve fallen for those few first warms days in late winter, thinking that, “this year will be an early spring…go ahead, what are you waiting for?”

I think part of it was learning gardening in maine, where you try to eek out every drop of sun and warmth you can get.  This was a plot that i shared with some co-workers a few years back in Greenville, Maine.

D.C., if you hadn’t guessed, is vastly different with regards to growing season.  I’ve had first frosts in early September up north: last year, my last tomatoes were picked shortly after Halloween in D.C.!

When to plant?  Depends on what your planting and who you talk to, but also on what your local conditions are.  For example, my front yard, which has 100% sun in summer, has 5% right now, and probably won’t get 100% for another month.  The back yard is another story, with about 70% sun these days, and 8″ tall garlic to show for it, and the strawberries poking their heads out from under the mulch.

For now, i’m planning on sewing a few cold crops (lettuce, spinach, peas) starting march 15th, and putting successive sewings in at 2 week intervals so not all eggs are in one basket.  Will keep an eye on the hard frost which will inevitably come.  I’ll be good this year, and won’t transplant indoor seedlings until mid april and not put out warm crops (peppers, squash, tomatoes) until May.  At least, that’s the plan for now…


About Ryan

Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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3 Responses to Waiting…

  1. Kim says:

    Oh…I remember strawberries showed up wicked early last year in DC (in the markets). So did the asparagus. Strawberry season was done there before it started here.

    I want to come back!!!!! 😦

  2. slt says:

    wow, everything looks amazing! nice work sir!

    i always mis-time when i can put the seedlings outside here in VT. so last year i delayed and we had record-breaking heat in May and the seedlings burned. awesome. it’s a process i guess.

    happy gardening!

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