Blueberries Are In

4 Blueberries, A Gate, and Some Rubble Later...

Wish me luck: the blueberry bushes are in and seem to be doing ok so far.

Backyard Before

There was an old cracked concrete pad that i picked up and used for a small retaining wall.  The less impervious area, the better!  The idea behind bumping out the garden is to prevent cars (along a single lane alley) from running over my bushes, still allowing some space to park for a bit, and to give us some space for a wildflower patch. I’ll smother out the grass this summer with the trusty newspaper and leaf mulch, then toss in some wildflower mix and see what happens.

On an unrelated note, there’s a really nice tulip volunteer in the middle of the (what remains of) lawn.


About Ryan

Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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2 Responses to Blueberries Are In

  1. Kim says:

    I’m totally licking my “it snowed here today” wounds. But I fought back and planted my seedlings. Must take pictures and start a blog.

    Looks fantastic!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Snow!?? goodness me: it’s 85 right now!

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