As summer draws to a end, the chores begin!  The tomatoes are closing up shop for the most part, so i focused on them today.  Instead of ripping everything out, i looked for a new shoot sprouting off the main stem, and cut the plant down to that.  Hopefully, there will be enough time for another tomato or two to come in before the fall is in full swing.  Last year, i was still getting tomatoes into early november!

The main difference this year is that the tomato plants are in a different bed with a bit less light, so i’m not too hopeful.  As for fall crops, i might be a bit behind with those as well.  Though i sewed a ton of seeds a few  weeks ago, they got cooked as soon they sprouted by the last of the heat wave.  Next year, i’ll use the grow lights in the basement to establish plants, then harden off to full sun and transplant.  After all, most fall crops can’t take the heat: just like me.

I do have a few cabbages coming in that i planted early summer.  I’d love to make some sauerkraut!



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Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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