Frozen Summer

This recent cold snap (dipping into the low 50’s at night) has me thinking of winter: and how glorious it will be to eat some corn!  One of the issues with store bought corn (and store bought anything, really), is that it’s nowhere near fresh because it has to be shipped from miles and days away…ever see a “ripe” tomato picked from the field for a store?  Me neither!  They pick them green as can be, then artiffically ripen them with ethylene gas.  Yum.

An issue of time presents itself with corn in the store: as soon as corn is picked, the simple sugars that make it taste oh so good, begin to convert to starches.  Boo: starchy corn!  The simplest way to ensure you’re getting fresh corn is to go to a farmer’s market and talk to the farmer, asking when they picked and when the peak corn season will happen this year.  Our corn guy didn’t have anything for late august since it was so dry and hot.  Then, the rains came, and so did the corn!

We bought 60 or so ears, when ended up yielding 12.5 pounds of frozen goodness! Freezing corn is a quick one, with two people, where one person is on blanch duty, and the other is on cutting and bagging.  We blanched for 4 minutes, starting the timer after the water returned to a boil. Remember, only do a few ears at a time to ensure fast and even cooking- we only boiled 7 at once.  Plunge it into ice water to stop the cooking, cooling to cut it as well.

A trick i read about was to cut the corn in a pan or deep tray of some sort- some people but a bunt pan- so the falling kernels can’t run away when they hit the cutting board. Here’s liz, dutifully cutting cob after cob after cob into a casserole dish.  Sharp knives are imperative!  Blood + corn = not as tasty.  Let it air dry before cutting off the cob to help limit the moisture in the freezer bag so it’ll keep better.

Remember to write it down for next year’s summer freezing!


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Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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