Happy New Year

hey gang: happy 2012!  sorry i disappeared the last month, not much going on in the gardening world for me, so i took a break.

Not to fear, cause i’m back baby!  in doing my part for the economic recovery, i just ordered 2 more fruit trees for this spring’s planting.  USA!  i decided to get them from Stark Bro’s, getting both a peach and apple together to save on shipping.  We’re trying to grow fruit that we can’t get at the farmer’s market, so after talking with the local growers to see what they have, we went with a Winter Banana apple tree, and a Blushingstar peach.  Both are dwarf trees, only reaching 8-10 feet tall, as dictated by the rootstock the trees are grafted onto.

The peach will be going in front of the house, along the sidewalk strip (and yes, i’m getting a permit from the city!).  it’s a type of white peach, but has a stronger flavor and acidity than your typical white.  i see it as a compromise, as liz prefers white peaches and i prefer yellow.  we all know yellow peaches are better!  oh snap, no you didn’t.

yes, yes i did…

the apple is something you definitely don’t see much of, since it seems that commercial apple (well, all food really) varieties have been whittled down to half a dozen, even though there are literally thousands out there.  It’s a real shame, cause most of them have actually flavor instead of just a ton sugar.  called a winter banana because it  stores well over the winter, and it apparently has a slight aroma of bananas– though most people say it really doesn’t.  It’s a semi tart, aromatic mostly cooking, but also eating, apple that keeps it’s shape when cooked.  mmmmmm…roasted apples, stuffed with butter and rum soaked raisins!  remember when planting apples: the trees mostly require a different apple tree to cross pollenate with, as many apple trees are self sterile.  be sure to check that the 2 trees flower at the same time (or ‘pollination group’).

Next post, i’ll show you a bit about attracting orchard mason bees to help pollinate those newly planted trees.


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Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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One Response to Happy New Year

  1. Ben says:

    Peaches! Now I can only think about yellow peaches. What’s this, it’s still January?

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