So Much For Winter

and spring, for that matter- it’s supposed to be in the mid 80’s all week!  here’s a quick photo  of a great gift i got from my parents (thanks, mom and dad!).  This gardener’s basket is excellent: big, nice and sturdy, and coated mesh so you can run a hose through it to wash the veggies you pick.

This is the last of the winter’s harvest, all of the carrots, beets, and kale were from last fall, and are starting to grow again and bolt with the sudden heat.  Besides, i need to make room for the spring’s plantings, which i’ve started to harden off.



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Urban gardening at it's best (sometimes it's worst)! Adventures and learnings from going 100% lawn free in a D.C. row house.
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2 Responses to So Much For Winter

  1. Jon says:

    Hi there. I just bought a place in the District, and have built a raised bed out front in which to plant some vegetable seedlings, after a bit of hardening (alas, my front yard is a bit too tiny, and I was thinking of supplementing the bed with some 5-gallon nursery pots). Today, one of my neighbors, surely looking out for my best interest, commented that she believed that there were prohibitions against growing edible plants in one’s front yard. Have you heard of such a thing?

  2. Ryan says:

    no such code exists, as far as i know…here’s a link to the dc weed/grass regulations.

    remember, you can always say that you’re simply growing flowers (all vegetables have flowers after all). It just so happens that their seed pods and seeds are edible!

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