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Getting Ready For Fall??

Crazy to think that’s it’s nearly the end of august already!  I noticed the other day that the bed closest to the house in the front (north) yard is beginning to get some shade as the sun’s angle decreases.  sad … Continue reading

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And So It Begins…Again!

I did some math, counting back from our last frost date- april 15th since i’m in the city-and got out the seed packets.  Didn’t take me too long to clear off the grow table in the basement, and find the … Continue reading

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Friend or Foe?

What does it look like to you? At first, i thought that these big bugs were beneficial predators eating white fly and spider mites.  I posted a little while back about how the whitely infestion dropped off when these guys … Continue reading

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As summer draws to a end, the chores begin!  The tomatoes are closing up shop for the most part, so i focused on them today.  Instead of ripping everything out, i looked for a new shoot sprouting off the main … Continue reading

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Pesto…It’s What’s For DInner

And lots of it…the basil started to bolt a little, so i chopped it down and made a huge batch of pesto.  Most of it will get frozen since there’s only so much pesto one can eat in a week! … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Resist

Remember how i was saying i was going to work on waiting?  This cabbage looks mysteriously like it’s been transplanted…Let me just say in my defense that i’ve only put out half of the cold crop seedlings: as part of … Continue reading

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