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The Blues

I’ve got the poor soil blueberry blues!  Well, i think it’s two problems: 1: soil acidity and 2: too much root competition. The 4 blueberry bushes that i planted last year have not done a single thing!  literally, they just … Continue reading

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What?! Just kidding, i didn’t become a Deadhead and abandon the garden: i was trimming the flowers.  A well known-and sometimes dreaded (pun intended)- garden pastime is deadheading old bloomed flowers.  This simply means cutting off the flower to prevent … Continue reading

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Making A Bed

So, after determining that my existing soil was contaminate free and building the frames, i needed to snuff out the grass: in the dead of winter. Ideally, i should have done that this past fall, but i was busy doing … Continue reading

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