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Front Yard Transplants

After transplanting the rest of my winter starts, the front yard is pretty full up.  Put out the eggplants and peppers: I know, it’s a bit early, but they were getting root bound in their pots since i started them … Continue reading

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Potato Love

Isn’t it cute?  i planted the seed potatoes today in 2 of the front yard beds, and i came across this heart shaped one: one of the fingerlings, so it’s only about 2″ big. I dug to the bottom of … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Resist

Remember how i was saying i was going to work on waiting?  This cabbage looks mysteriously like it’s been transplanted…Let me just say in my defense that i’ve only put out half of the cold crop seedlings: as part of … Continue reading

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Complaints Part Deux

Thanks to the flu, i missed our meeting with the neighborhood commissioner this afternoon, but Liz was there with a listening ear, and a bunch of questions.  Overall, the meeting didn’t shed much light on any regulations in question as … Continue reading

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There i was, sitting by the fire, eating some dinner, when there’s a knock at the door.  To my surprise, it’s the neighborhood commissioner there to inform me that there has been a complaint filed about the front yard, that … Continue reading

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Making A Bed

So, after determining that my existing soil was contaminate free and building the frames, i needed to snuff out the grass: in the dead of winter. Ideally, i should have done that this past fall, but i was busy doing … Continue reading

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Here’s some more on what i’ve already done to the front yard… The frames that i ended up building were from 2×8 untreated (unsure of chemical leeching into the soil and my food from pressure treated lumber) that i got … Continue reading

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