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First Garlic Harvest!

I noticed the other day that some of my softneck garlic was starting to yellow and lean over a lot.  I had a pang of fear that i was loosing my garlic, again!  last year’s garlic crop, everything but 8 … Continue reading

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That’s Not a Knife…

This is a knife! Just got a new soil knife from A.M. Leonard the other day, and it’s excellent.  Years ago, when i was working as a gardner in colorado, i used this for nearly everything, weeding, cutting, transplanting, digging … Continue reading

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Garlic Planting

Got around to getting the garlic in the other day.  I waited until after the first frost so the bulbs don’t grow too much above ground.  The trick is to find that balance where they have enough time to put … Continue reading

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Fall planting….almost

Yay!  It’s my birthday! Alright, it’s not really my birthday, but it sure feels like it when you get a package in the mail with your name on it…the garlic arrived.  If you remember from this spring, this year’s garlic … Continue reading

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Alright, we got it!

The forecast for the DC metro region: rain.  Don’t worry, it’s only a few more inches.  It’s been quite a yo yo of a summer here in DC.  Wicked hot, july and august saw barely any rain, and now rain … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Rain is great.  Too much rain can really suck!  I noticed that some of the garlic is drooping and dying off very quickly.  Probably lost a dozen or so plants, and some are a little stunted.  I’m really hoping it’s not … Continue reading

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More Information

Here’s the print out that we put on the wall of the front yard garden.  Our hope is to let the folks in the neighborhood know our intentions (NO CORN!), and to let them know that we have plenty of … Continue reading

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Snapped a photo of the garlic bed yesterday morning after the snow.  I planted it around Halloween, and it sprouted because of the unseasonably warm fall we had: plus the warm up last week, it recently put on another few … Continue reading

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