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Getting Ready For Fall??

Crazy to think that’s it’s nearly the end of august already!  I noticed the other day that the bed closest to the house in the front (north) yard is beginning to get some shade as the sun’s angle decreases.  sad … Continue reading

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So Much For Winter

and spring, for that matter- it’s supposed to be in the mid 80’s all week!  here’s a quick photo  of a great gift i got from my parents (thanks, mom and dad!).  This gardener’s basket is excellent: big, nice and … Continue reading

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And So It Begins…Again!

I did some math, counting back from our last frost date- april 15th since i’m in the city-and got out the seed packets.  Didn’t take me too long to clear off the grow table in the basement, and find the … Continue reading

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As fall progresses, i’m noting which beds get enough sun for fall planting for next year.  I was suprised that many of the beds in the backyard (south side) get shaded by a large pine tree that is across the … Continue reading

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Friend or Foe?

What does it look like to you? At first, i thought that these big bugs were beneficial predators eating white fly and spider mites.  I posted a little while back about how the whitely infestion dropped off when these guys … Continue reading

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Holey Kale!

If you walk out one morning to find little holes all over your plants, chances are…someone’s been snacking! It’s that time of year: all those adorable little yellow eggs, laid by those lovely fluttering white butterflies are hatching.  Spawning the … Continue reading

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