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Enough is Enough!

There comes a time in a person’t life when they need to throw in the towel, admit defeat, run up the white flag…In this case, run up the white-fly flag! I’ve decided that drastic measures were needed to salvage plants … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is ryan and i’m a gardener

You might be a gardener if…you’re out spraying neem on your plants at 10:30pm on a saturday night in your slippers!  At least i’ll give the neighbors something to talk about. The silverleaf whitefly (kale and brussels sprouts) and spider mites (string … Continue reading

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Signs Of Summer

July 4th: You can’t more “summer” than that!  I snapped some photos real quick before the 95 degree heat fried my brain.  Those Oregon Giant snowpeas that were supposed to produce all summer didn’t make it, not even close.  Since … Continue reading

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